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VSPDT Scholarships

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The following articles and links have been submitted by VSPDT members and are valuable references on topics in several categories. Click the links below to expand each category and explore a wealth of accumulated information.

Document Categories (click to view):

Marketing Tips
Extreme Client Care™: Interview with Sandra Martini Lorena B Leon Patti 120725
3 questions to ask before any big business move VSPDT 120515
5 steps to build a new business’ reputation Daphne Robert-Hamilton 111115
Card Caddie – Outdoor/vehicle business card holder 111020
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Training & Behavior Articles
Behavioral differences in dogs from pet stores vs. breeders Judy Luther 130508
Gentle Leashes Make Sense Linda Micheals 130408
De-Bunking the Alpha Theory Judy Luther 130331
Puppy Classes and Canine Parvo Virus Judy Luther 130325
Do Humans serve as a Safe Haven for Stressed Dogs? Judy Luther 130320
Dog Spots the Dog: Dogs Recognize the Dog Species Among Several Other Species On a Computer Screen Amy Sandmann 130306
Treatment of Behavioral Problems Associated with Canine Aggression Louisa Morrisey 130113
Preventing Canine Behavior Problems Louisa Morrisey 130113
Medical Test for Agression Judy Luther 121211
Turrid Rugass Stress Chart Daniela Cardillo 121110
Ladder of Aggression Susan Kendrick 121108
Puppy Mill Dog Rehabilitation Neika Smessaert 121016
Dog Whispering in the 21 century Victoria Stilwell 121007
Can Dog Suffer from PTSD? Judy Luther 121006
Proper Dog Dog Introductions Laura Clawson 120925
A canine Stress Dictionary Judy Luther 120904
How can I stop this dog from urine marking in the house? Judy Luther 120903
Aggressives, Aversive vs Positive, and my journey from A- to R+ Donna Elliot 120830
Understanding Dog Growling and Dog Language Louisa Morrisey 120815
The Influence of Nutrition on Aggression Daphne Robert-Hampliton 120809
Can Diet Cause Aggression in Dogs? Daphne Robert-Hamilton 120809
Environmental Effects on Compulsive Tail Chasing in Dogs Judy Luther 120728
Steve Bejamin’s Boundary Training Judy Luther 120719
Glossary of Terms for Operant Conditioning Judy Luther 120711
Can Spanking Cause Mental Illness? Laura Clawson 120702
Canine Mounting: An Overview Judy Luther 120628
Doggone It! When Is Your Dog Wrong? Judy Luther 120607
Pacifying Behavior—Origin, Function and Evolution Judy Luther 120606
How to Train Your Dog To Stay in an Unfenced Yard Judy Luther 120601
The Effects of Spaying & Neutering on Canine Behavior Linda Michaels 110714
Behavioral & Physical Effects of Spaying & Neutering Domestic Dogs Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110714
Effects of breed, sex & neuter status on trainability in dogs Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110714
Spaying’s effect on aggression in dogs Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110714
What’s wrong with this picture? -Friedman Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110619
Doggy Daydreams: Brain Scans Reveal Fido’s Thoughts Sam Wike 120508
Human Body Language Can Mislead Dogs Sam Wike 120426
How Dog Tail Size Impacts Dog Communication Sam Wike 120426
Study Shows Dogs Recognize Their Owners’ Faces Sam wike 120426
Animal behavior: Like baby, like dog Sam Wike 120426
Canine Cognition Behavior Lab Document Resource (compilation) Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110619
Understanding Behavior – MultiSpecies Households Daphne Robert-Hamilton 111105
Efficacy of DAP for separation-related behavioral signs in hospitalized dogs Linda Michaels 110727
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Punishment-Based Training Tools
To Shock or Not to Shock: There is no question Judy Luther 130721
Training your dog with a shock collar. How will you decide? Judy Luther 130129
Wikipedia Shock Collars Louisa Morrisey 130113

Considerations for shock and ‘training’ collars: Concerns

from and for the working dog community

Louisa Morrisey 130113
The use of shock collars and their impact on the welfare of dogs: Louisa Morriset 130113
Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog’s neck? Laura Clawson 120702
Ban Shock Collars –several articles Sam Wilke 120629
Behavioural effects of training dogs with shock collars
Use of shock vs other methods – efficacy, stress & welfare concerns Daniela Cardillo 120509
Choke, prong and shock collars can cause disease and possibly lead to cancer Patrick Danforth 120425 – Downloadable Resources Daniela Cardillo 120423
Why you shouldn’t put your puppy on electronic fencing-EVER! Linda Michaels 110308
Shock collars: Concerns from and for the working dog community Linda Michaels 110210
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Dominance vs +R Debate Resources
AVSAB Handouts Louisa Morrisey 130113
Millan is proof that Positive Reinforcement Works Sam Wike 120509
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Win Free Tickets to Barkworld 2013


All VSPDTs are eligible to win a free ticket to Barkworld Expo 2013, happening in Atlanta from August 22-24.

Email [email protected] with the subject line “Barkworld Entry” to be entered into the ticket drawing on August 1st. One lucky VSPDT will get a free Barkworld ticket, valued at $130.

Best of luck!

More info on Barkworld here.

Submissions Being Accepted for VSPDT Conference Presenters

We are planning a dynamic VSPDT conference for all team members in Atlanta from September 13-15 this year, and we need your help!

As of now, the general schedule will include outside speakers (Dr. Marty Becker, Gina Phairas from DogTec, Jennifer Arnold from Canine Assistants, etc), talks from Victoria, roundtable panels among VSPDT members, and plenty of chances for socialization and casually structured group discussions.

We’re also saving some presentation slots for VSPDT members who would like to present at the conference and are currently accepting member submissions. If you have a topic you’d like to share with fellow team members during the conference, please provide us with a submission document no later than June 10th via email to [email protected] with the text ‘VSPDT Conference Speaker Submission’ in the subject line.

All submissions should be sent as Word document attachments and include the following:

  • Your name
  • Topic title
  • Presentation overview blurb (one paragraph stating what the talk will be about and generally what it will cover)
  • Presentation notes (for inclusion in the VSPDT Conference materials)
  • Technical requirements (Powerpoint, interactive qualities, whether live dogs are needed, etc)
  • Desired length of time slot

All presentations will be followed by a discussion period. The conference will take place primarily at the Canine Assistants campus in Milton, GA (45 minutes north of Atlanta).

Depending on the number of submissions, we may not be able to accommodate all those who would like time slots at this year’s conference. Our goal is to notify all potential presenters of the speaker roster by mid-July. In order to keep overall costs down for all those attending the conference, we are unable to provide financial compensation for speakers this year.

If you have any questions about this opportunity or the conference in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

VSPDT Phone Consultation Program Enrollment Now Open!

VSPDT is thrilled to announce a very exciting new feature which we feel will help all licensed team members and support VSPDT’s dual missions of promoting positive training globally while helping your business grow: the VSPDT Phone Consultation Program.

On May 15th, we will be launching the VSPDT Trainer Phone Consultation program to the public. This unique program will match dog owners looking for dog training and behavior advice with VSPDT trainers by phone or Skype to conduct personalized consultations for up to one hour each. VSPDT will collect payment and handle the transaction with the client so that you can focus on helping them get back on track as quickly as possible.

To be eligible to conduct phone or Skype consultations as part of the program, you must first enroll by completing the Enrollment Form below.

Read more information about how the program works.


VSPDT Phone Consultation Program Enrollment Form

To enroll in the VSPDT Phone Consultation program as a trainer available to conduct phone consultations and join the roster of VSPDT’s included in the rotation, please complete the below form before May 10th, 2013.

VSPDT Trainer Name (required)

VSPDT Trainer Email (required)

Yes, I'd like to enroll in the VSPDT Phone Consultation Program:
I agree

Behaviors/Issues you do NOT feel comfortable covering in phone consultations (you will not be connected to clients expressing interest in these issues):


I am only willing to perform VSPDT consultations via the following (check all that apply):
Skype consultationsPhone consultations

Languages Spoken (must be able to conduct a phone consultation fluently):

Other Comments (optional):


VSPDT featured in San Diego Pets Magazine

Victoria’s recurring article in San Diego Pets magazine for the March 2013 issue included information about why adoption is something all those considering adding a new pet to their household should consider.

The end of each of these articles includes a specific call-out to the local San Diego-area VSPDT trainers, Linda Michaels and Julie Schmitt.

Read the article here.

Order Train Your Dog Positively at Wholesale

VSPDT members are eligible to order Victoria’s third book, Train Your Dog Positively, at wholesale  (50% off the cover price) directly from the publisher.

Read more about the book here.

To order, you must first set up a wholesale account with Random House. Download and complete:

  • Letter of intent ( shows you’re reselling the books)
  • New Account Application
  • Order from

Then return the forms to Random House via email to Cathy Garcia at [email protected].



The terms of the wholesale accounts are as follows:

  • Non-returnable retail accounts receive a 50% discount off the list price.
  • No charge for normal ground shipping.
  •  The minimum order to open a non-returnable retail account is $250 at retail (Your cost $125).
  •  Reorder minimums are $200 at retail for adult titles

Returnable retail accounts are also available at lower discounts and with higher minimum orders. Please contact Cathy at the email address above.

How to Host a VSPDT Dog Bite Conference

VSPDT members now have the opportunity to explore the possibility of hosting a VSPDT Dog Bite Prevention & Awareness Conference (DBC) in their area. We are pleased to announce that we have created a document and associated materials designed to help you determine if hosting a DBC is a good fit for you and how to proceed.

Please download and read the official Dog Bite Conference Presenter Brief to find out more about the responsibilities involved with hosting a DBC event near you.

For more information about the Dog Bite Conference, please visit

Opportunity to Write for K9 Magazine

VSPDT has negotiated an agreement with the online K9 Magazine for one VSPDT member to be the featured writer for a column about dog training each month. The topics will range widely in subject matter and should provide a valuable opportunity to grow your brand, business, and public profile both as a VSPDT and as an individual dog trainer. The recurring column will also serve to raise public awareness about VSPDT as a program and as the ultimate positive dog training choice for the general public.
Victoria is being featured in a story in the first edition announcing the VSPDT column, and she also writes the first column about the myths of ‘pack leadership.’ You can read that initial article here.
If you are interested in submitting articles for this partnership, please email [email protected] with a proposed list of topics you would be interested in covering. We will also be posting a list of column topics that K9 Magazine will provide us moving forward. We will be in touch regarding deadlines as the topics are assigned.


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