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Enroll in the VSPDT Phone Consultation Program here.

The VSPDT Phone Consultation Program is an exciting feature which provides business opportunities for all licensed team members and supports VSPDT’s dual missions of promoting positive training globally while helping your business grow.

This unique program matches dog owners looking for dog training and behavior advice with VSPDT trainers by phone or Skype to conduct personalized consultations for up to one hour each. VSPDT collects payment and handle the transaction with the client so that you can focus on helping them get back on track as quickly as possible.

This an extremely valuable opportunity for you to not only promote positive training, but also to gain international recognition both individually and as a group while helping develop a more engaged and educated client base.

How It Works:

  • Clients will pay VSPDT a flat rate of $100 by credit card online on the Positively website to register for a consultation. $75 goes to the VSPDT trainer, $25 goes to VSPDT to cover administrative costs.
  • After payment is received, the client will be directed to an information portal where they submit the following details:
    • Name
    • City/State/Country
    • Skype or phone consultation preference (clients outside the US and UK must choose Skype)
    • Specific VSPDT trainer request (if applicable)
    • Dog Info:
      • Dog name, DOB, gender, spay/neuter status,etc.
      • Environment (other animals in the home, number of family members, recent changes to environment, type of dwelling, etc)
      • Issue. This field will be an opportunity for the client to detail whatever issues they’d like addressed during the phone consultation. There will almost always be more to the story than they describe, but it’s a good starting point for the discussion.
      • Optional field to include a link to an online video of the dog’s behavior and environment.
  • VSPDT will collate registrations as they arrive and distribute contact info to participating VSPDTs on a rotating basis based on their location, client requests, and specialized areas (aggression, new puppy, etc).
    • Whenever possible, we will match clients up with VSPDTs in their local area. This will effectively serve as a paid introductory conversation (which you would likely have done for no charge in any case) and also ‘hooks’ the client to you – after chatting with you for an hour and experiencing the depths of your knowledge, they are far more likely to convert into longer-term paying customers for in-person sessions.
    • When there is no qualifying information (location, special requests, etc), we will dole out matches on a rotating basis to all those who choose to participate in the program. This will create an even playing field and equal opportunities for all VSPDTs to be matched with consultation clients.
  • Upon receipt of a new consultation client, the VSPDT will then immediately make contact with the client via email to introduce themselves and begin scheduling a mutually agreeable time to conduct the consultation. This must happen quickly, as we are providing a 48-Hour Money Back Guarantee to any client who is not contacted by the VSPDT within 2 days of their registration. If a participating VSPDT will not be available for phone consultation clients for a period of time, they must notify VSPDT of their availability changes so we can temporarily remove them from the rotation.
  • The VSPDT will then conduct the consultation at the mutually agreed date and time. The consultations can last up to one hour. If you’d like to continue the discussion beyond one hour, you are free to make private arrangements with the client either to meet in person (if they’re local) or to schedule another extended phone consultation under your own terms.
  • IMPORTANT! To get paid by VSPDT for the consultation, you must forward the original email from VSPDT with the client’s contact info with the word ‘Completed’ at the top of the email text body. Payments to the trainer will be made by check at the end of each calendar month.

We are aware of the divided opinion among dog trainers over the effectiveness and business advantages of performing phone consultations. After much consideration and after weighing the net benefit of reaching those most in need of help before they are contacted by an aversive trainer, VSPDT has determined that this program’s positive attributes far outweigh its potential negatives. If you prefer not to be included in this program, you have the right not to ‘opt in’, and you will not be contacted by anyone seeking a phone consultation through the program. Anyone interested in ‘opting in’ to the program and joining the roster of VSPDTs available for phone consultations must do so manually by completing the VSPDT Phone Consultation Enrollment Form below.

A Few More Details:

  • All costs associated with performing the evaluation are the VSPDT trainer’s responsibility (long distance, cell phone bills, internet access fees for Skype, etc). For those trainers without unlimited nationwide long distance or interested in foreign calls, we suggest using Skype’s paid phone option to conduct phone calls or consider purchasing an inexpensive long-distance calling card.
  • Payments to trainers will be mailed out at the end of each month. Trainers will receive $75 for each consultation successfully completed, but must forward a copy of the original contact email we send you with the word ‘Completed’ at the top of the text body of the email.
  • If you know you will be unavailable for phone consultations for a period of time (heavy workload, vacation, etc), you must let us know via email to [email protected] and tell us the dates you would like to be removed from the rotation. If you do not notify us and are unable to contact a consultation client within 48 hours, we will have to refund the client $100.
  • To save time, we suggest developing a template email response to use when initiating contact with each client (“Dear _____, Thank you for registering for a phone consultation. I’m very excited to let you know that I’ll be your VSPDT consultant, and I’d like to schedule a convenient time to connect with you via your preferred method (phone or Skype). Please let me know your availability for the next five days and we’ll get started addressing your questions. Thanks, and I look forward to working with you! Positively, VSPDT TRAINER NAME”)

How To Get Started

Ready to join the conversation with clients in your back yard and all over the world? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Enroll in the Phone Consultation Program via the Enrollment Form below.
    • Be sure to include your preferences for phone and/or Skype, languages spoken, and any issues you don’t want to address during consultations.
  2. Once you receive an email from VSPDT with information about your client, contact them via email ASAP to introduce yourself and begin the consultation scheduling process. This must be done within 48 hours of when they pay, not within 48 hours of when you receive the email.
  3. Conduct the consultation at the mutually-agreed time.
  4. Forward the original client contact info email back to [email protected] with the word ‘Completed’ at the top of the body of the email.
  5. We will pay you for all consultations completed each month at the end of the month.

Questions?  Call us or email the office!


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