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The following articles and links have been submitted by VSPDT members and are valuable references on topics in several categories. Click the links below to expand each category and explore a wealth of accumulated information.

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Marketing Tips
Extreme Client Care™: Interview with Sandra Martini Lorena B Leon Patti 120725
3 questions to ask before any big business move VSPDT 120515
5 steps to build a new business’ reputation Daphne Robert-Hamilton 111115
Card Caddie – Outdoor/vehicle business card holder 111020
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Training & Behavior Articles
Behavioral differences in dogs from pet stores vs. breeders Judy Luther 130508
Gentle Leashes Make Sense Linda Micheals 130408
De-Bunking the Alpha Theory Judy Luther 130331
Puppy Classes and Canine Parvo Virus Judy Luther 130325
Do Humans serve as a Safe Haven for Stressed Dogs? Judy Luther 130320
Dog Spots the Dog: Dogs Recognize the Dog Species Among Several Other Species On a Computer Screen Amy Sandmann 130306
Treatment of Behavioral Problems Associated with Canine Aggression Louisa Morrisey 130113
Preventing Canine Behavior Problems Louisa Morrisey 130113
Medical Test for Agression Judy Luther 121211
Turrid Rugass Stress Chart Daniela Cardillo 121110
Ladder of Aggression Susan Kendrick 121108
Puppy Mill Dog Rehabilitation Neika Smessaert 121016
Dog Whispering in the 21 century Victoria Stilwell 121007
Can Dog Suffer from PTSD? Judy Luther 121006
Proper Dog Dog Introductions Laura Clawson 120925
A canine Stress Dictionary Judy Luther 120904
How can I stop this dog from urine marking in the house? Judy Luther 120903
Aggressives, Aversive vs Positive, and my journey from A- to R+ Donna Elliot 120830
Understanding Dog Growling and Dog Language Louisa Morrisey 120815
The Influence of Nutrition on Aggression Daphne Robert-Hampliton 120809
Can Diet Cause Aggression in Dogs? Daphne Robert-Hamilton 120809
Environmental Effects on Compulsive Tail Chasing in Dogs Judy Luther 120728
Steve Bejamin’s Boundary Training Judy Luther 120719
Glossary of Terms for Operant Conditioning Judy Luther 120711
Can Spanking Cause Mental Illness? Laura Clawson 120702
Canine Mounting: An Overview Judy Luther 120628
Doggone It! When Is Your Dog Wrong? Judy Luther 120607
Pacifying Behavior—Origin, Function and Evolution Judy Luther 120606
How to Train Your Dog To Stay in an Unfenced Yard Judy Luther 120601
The Effects of Spaying & Neutering on Canine Behavior Linda Michaels 110714
Behavioral & Physical Effects of Spaying & Neutering Domestic Dogs Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110714
Effects of breed, sex & neuter status on trainability in dogs Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110714
Spaying’s effect on aggression in dogs Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110714
What’s wrong with this picture? -Friedman Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110619
Doggy Daydreams: Brain Scans Reveal Fido’s Thoughts Sam Wike 120508
Human Body Language Can Mislead Dogs Sam Wike 120426
How Dog Tail Size Impacts Dog Communication Sam Wike 120426
Study Shows Dogs Recognize Their Owners’ Faces Sam wike 120426
Animal behavior: Like baby, like dog Sam Wike 120426
Canine Cognition Behavior Lab Document Resource (compilation) Daphne Robert-Hamilton 110619
Understanding Behavior – MultiSpecies Households Daphne Robert-Hamilton 111105
Efficacy of DAP for separation-related behavioral signs in hospitalized dogs Linda Michaels 110727
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Punishment-Based Training Tools
To Shock or Not to Shock: There is no question Judy Luther 130721
Training your dog with a shock collar. How will you decide? Judy Luther 130129
Wikipedia Shock Collars Louisa Morrisey 130113

Considerations for shock and ‘training’ collars: Concerns

from and for the working dog community

Louisa Morrisey 130113
The use of shock collars and their impact on the welfare of dogs: Louisa Morriset 130113
Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog’s neck? Laura Clawson 120702
Ban Shock Collars –several articles Sam Wilke 120629
Behavioural effects of training dogs with shock collars
Use of shock vs other methods – efficacy, stress & welfare concerns Daniela Cardillo 120509
Choke, prong and shock collars can cause disease and possibly lead to cancer Patrick Danforth 120425 – Downloadable Resources Daniela Cardillo 120423
Why you shouldn’t put your puppy on electronic fencing-EVER! Linda Michaels 110308
Shock collars: Concerns from and for the working dog community Linda Michaels 110210
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Dominance vs +R Debate Resources
AVSAB Handouts Louisa Morrisey 130113
Millan is proof that Positive Reinforcement Works Sam Wike 120509
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